The Big-Ass* Wedding Planning Checklist

*a.k.a The Epic Wedding Planning Checklist, because Zuck wouldn’t let us use that naughty word in our posts.

It's everything you need to get done.

Stop feeling overwhelmed, wondering when to do what, or worrying that you’re forgetting something important. 

The Big-Ass Wedding Planning Checklist is what you need.

Backed by over a decade of use with hundreds of our clients, you can rest assured that everything you could possibly need for your wedding is accounted for, with suggested deadlines (that make sense for you!)

Plus, it’s color-coded so you know what to focus on first and gender neutral because inclusivity matters.

(That’s, like, half of one burrito bowl.)

Why should you buy this checklist when you can get a free one somewhere else?

Magically Calculated Deadlines

Forget those standard checklists that assume you have exactly one year to plan your wedding. The Big-Ass Wedding Planning Checklist is equipped with a very thoughtful formula to give you deadlines that make sense for the amount of time you have to plan.

Just enter the date you are starting to plan and your wedding date, and voila! Your checklist will be automatically filled with deadlines using our carefully formulated calculation.

Color-Coded to Keep You Focused

Does one big list make you feel like, “Fuck! Where should I even start?”

We’ve got you. 

The Big-Ass Wedding Planning Checklist color codes itself. Overdue tasks will turn red; tasks due within the next month are highlighted in yellow; and when you check any task done, it will automatically turn grey and be struck through.

Gender Neutral

So maybe you are not one male and one female person marrying each other. Or maybe you are but you like feminism and would prefer the patriarchy to be burned down immediately.

Either way, the Big-Ass Wedding Planning Checklist is completely gender neutral. No assumptions of one dress and one suit to shop for or that the (one) bride will be doing all of the planning. You’ve got this – together.

“I don’t know that we’ve expressed to you enough, but the Big-Ass Checklist is life-changing. It’s so, so, so good. I love it! Just shut up and take my money, it’s great!”

– Liz, married to Michael in 2019

(And that was before it got a major update.)

Meet the Wedding Planner

Hi, I’m Cindy Savage, your virtual wedding planner. I’ve planned hundreds of weddings over more than a decade in twelve different states across all kinds of styles, budgets, and traditions. I love bringing my background in theatrical stage management and the organizational skills that come with it to the wonderful world of weddings!

My clients and I use this exact checklist every single day to keep us on track with our planning tasks. And since the majority of them are LGBTQ+ folks, couples planning non-traditional events, and DIYers on a budget, you can trust that this checklist has you covered no matter what kind of wedding you are planning. It’s been tested and tweaked for just about any possibility. So I know that it will work for you.

And now you can have this little tidbit of professional help in your back pocket for just $7.

When I’m not planning weddings, I am still probably talking about them! I co-host the Super Gay Wedding podcast along with my friend and rad photographer Amanda Summerlin.

I’m honored to have been featured in some of the coolest wedding publications around, like Offbeat Wed, Catalyst Wedding Co., Brides, and Bridechilla, along with regular news publications like BuzzFeedGoMag, and the New York Times.

Don’t worry, I have a life outside of weddings and actual hobbies, too – I’m an avid reader, crafter, tailor, PC gamer, and foodie. My spouse and I also love to get out and enjoy the gorgeous nature we’re lucky to be surrounded by here in the Pacific Northwest.