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Forget what your mom, the internet, or those glossy magazines say you have to do. It’s time to get the wedding you want and the professional planning you need – without spending thousands of dollars on a traditional wedding planner.

Hi, I’m Cindy Savage, and I wasn’t always a wedding planner. Once upon a time, I was a lot like you – an engaged person planning a DIY-heavy wedding on a very small budget.

I remember how hard it was to find vendors who were fully onboard with our offbeat, queer wedding vision.

I can still feel the way my heart sank when I found out how expensive catering is and I needed to find a way to feed 75 people and still have money leftover to pay for a photographer.

And I haven’t forgotten the hours and hours and hours and hours it took me to get it all planned because I didn’t know how to do it efficiently – or at all.

I want you to have all of those hours back.

I want you to have all the advice I didn’t have back then so that you can plan your wedding without the same frustrations I experienced.

Let me give you all the hacks and money-saving tricks I’ve learned in over a decade of doing this for a living (it’s a fuck ton!) and walk you step by step through getting it all done, without making expensive mistakes along the way.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with a solid, thoughtful plan so that you can actually enjoy your wedding day.

And you can afford it because Alt+Ctrl+Wed™ comes at a sliding scale price, starting at just $297.

Alt+Ctrl+Wed has everything you need to plan your wedding.

Alt+Ctrl+Wed membership includes access to our virtual wedding planning portal and our Discord community, where you’ll find:
  • A very organized brain dump of everything I’ve learned in over a decade of planning weddings, broken down into small chunks that are easy to work through a little bit at a time. That’s how we ditch the overwhelm.
  • Literally the best wedding planning checklist and budget spreadsheet you could get your hands on – color coded and customized. That’s how we keep you on track.
  • Templates and spreadsheets for every single part of wedding planning: figuring out your vision, keeping track of venues, questions to ask vendors – you name it, we’ve got something for it. That’s how we make sure you don’t miss anything important.
  • Need to get organized for your wedding day? We’ve got you covered there too! You’ll get a full set of organizational docs for your day that you can share with your vendors and VIPs. That’s how we keep your wedding day running smoothly.
  • Discounts! Alt+Ctrl+Wed members can save on wedding stationery, suit and tux rentals, live streaming, and more with our exclusive member discounts. That’s how we help you stick to your budget.
Need even more details? Click here to get ’em!

All of that is awesome but it’s not even the best part. Can I tell you what is?

The best part of Alt+Ctrl+Wed is that you can ask a professional wedding planner anything about your wedding and we will chat with you directly to get it solved.

We don’t just drop you in the virtual wedding planning portal and leave you on your own – we support you through the whole process.

Got a question? Doing something that’s not covered in the portal? Need help with a template or spreadsheet or just want to know if a vendor quote is reasonable? 

All you have to do is ask. In our Discord community, our team of experienced wedding planners will make sure you have all of the answers and advice you need and talk you through any wedding planning conundrums.

More Good Stuff.

Every single part of this program is gender neutral and LGBTQ+ inclusive. You will not be assumed to be a bride. We will not expect you to be marrying a partner of another gender. Our templates don’t have gendered language because we know you are not just another cishet couple doing the same old cookie cutter wedding. Everything is designed to be flexible to whatever your situation is.

And that’s a perk for our straight members, too! We know that a lot of y’all are not having traditional weddings, either. You won’t stop yelling, “Fuck the patriarchy!” just because you’re getting married and you might think your wedding would be so much more authentic if you ditched the white dress or the multi-tier cake or the church or the bouquet toss or all of it. Alt+Ctrl+Wed can help you, no matter what kind of wedding you’re having. That’s how we make this a very YOU wedding day.

You’ll never have to worry about whether you’re talking too much about your wedding because you’ll be in a space where talking about weddings is the point. Bounce ideas off of each other, share your wedding wins, vent when you need to, and know that all wedding talk is welcome. That’s how we keep wedding planning fun!

The Alt+Ctrl+Wed Sliding Scale

If you hired me and my team one-on-one for everything that’s included, we would charge you over $12,000 to plan your wedding. Even just having our advice on demand would run you $150 per hour. By sharing the cost of our labor across a group of people, we can offer you all the tools and support you need to get your wedding planned at a significantly lower price.

And because we believe that income inequality is the fucking worst and that we have a responsibility to correct it to the extent we can, Alt+Ctrl+Wed is offered at a sliding scale rate.

We hate gatekeeping, so we’re not going to ask for your pay stubs or your tax returns. Instead, we trust you to use your own judgement about which pricing tier you fall into. Alt+Ctrl+Wed membership is exactly the same across all tiers. 

Choose Your Tier:

Pay it Forward Membership
(Tier 3)

three payments of

$ 199

or pay in full: $597

Covers your membership and allows us to offer an accessible price to folks who need it.

Regular Membership
(Tier 2)

three payments of

$ 149

or pay in full: $447

Just like it sounds: the price we would charge if we didn’t have a sliding scale.

 Accessible Membership
(Tier 1)

three payments of

$ 99

or pay in full: $297

For folks who would be unable to access a membership at the regular price.

Why Alt+Ctrl+Wed?

Our members say it best.


I wish I had joined sooner! It has reduced my wedding planning anxiety knowing that I am truly staying on track and getting things done. It has kept me mindful without overwhelming me. I plan on gifting it to my closest friends and family who get married. It actually makes planning manageable and fun!


A fantastic foundation for me to build on in my planning process, and a perfect reality check when I was in the home stretch. Cindy’s personal attention was just the extra touch that made the experience really special.


It’s like a middle step between totally DIY and having a wedding planner. If you’re up for doing most of the planning yourself, but want expert guidance, especially when you hit hiccups, it’s perfect!


We had our wedding during COVID – not at all what we were originally planning, but we still fulfilled our manifesto of ‘fun, unique, and meaningful!’ Thank you for this – it really helped at every step, even the ones we weren’t anticipating.

What's in the Alt+Ctrl+Wed Planning Portal?

Module 1:
How to Start Planning a Wedding

  • The Big-Ass Wedding Planning Checklist
  • Establish Your Wedding Vision (a fun exercise to reveal the wedding you truly want)
  • Create Your Wedding Manifesto (setting wedding priorities and guidelines)
  • Use the Fuck-it Bucket to Ditch Wedding Planning Stress
  • How to Choose a Wedding Date
  • Get Organized With the Epic Wedding Spreadsheet
  • Discounts for Alt+Ctrl+Wed™ Members
  • How to Research Wedding Costs
  • Managing Funding Sources (i.e. how to ask your parents for money)
  • Developing a Realistic Wedding Budget
  • Payment & Savings Trackers
  • Calculators for Absolutely Everything
  • Track Everything with the Budget Spreadsheet! (which calculates things automatically and displays it in beautiful charts)

Module 2:
The B Word: Budget

Module 3:
The Big Picture

  • Defining Your Ideal Venue
  • How to Find Wedding Venues
  • How to Inquire with Potential Venues (with copy & paste email templates)
  • Vetting & Evaluating Venues
  • Questions to Ask Wedding Venues (with print & go evaluation form)
  • What to Look for in a Venue Contract
  • Drafting Your Wedding Day Timeline (with multiple templates for different kinds of wedding days)
  • Who to Invite to Your Wedding
  • Dealing with Your People
  • Wedding Party & Family Roles
  • Hotel Room Blocks and Other Guest Accommodations
  • Wedding Day Transportation
  • Tracking addresses, RSVPs, and Meal Choices (and the best way to do it)
  • How to Make a Seating Chart (easily and to scale – for free!)

Module 4:
The Guest List

Module 5:
How to Find and Book the Right Vendors for YOU

  • Finding Vendors You Love
  • When to Book Each Kind of Wedding Vendor
  • Vetting Potential Vendors
  • How to Inquire with a Vendor (with copy & paste email templates)
  • Vendor Consultations
  • What to Look for in Vendor Contracts
  • Questions to Ask Potential Vendors (with print & go forms for each type of wedding pro)
  • To DIY or Not to DIY
  • Types of Catering
  • Full-Service Catering
  • Non-Traditional Catering Options (food trucks, restaurant drop-off, etc.)
  • Proposals & Contracts
  • Catering Tastings
  • Bar & Beverages (including our beverage calculator)
  • Cake & Other Desserts
  • Rentals
  • Event Staff

Module 6:
Eat, Drink, & Be Confused

Module 7:
Plan a Meaningful Ceremony

  • Choosing an Wedding Ceremony Officiant
  • Tips for Friend & Family Member Officiants
  • Ceremony Participants
  • Structure of a Wedding Ceremony
  • Ceremony Logistics
  • Seating Arrangements
  • How to Get a Marriage License
  • Build Your Final Wedding Day Timeline
  • All the Small Things (little bits & pieces that are easy to forget about)
  • Your Wedding Logistics Plan
  • Floor Plans & Seating Assignments
  • Backup Plans for Inclement Weather
  • Delegate What You Can’t Do
  • Confirm Every Last Detail

Module 9:
Wedding Day Logistics

Module 10:
Find Your Wedding Zen

  • Rehearse Like a Pro
  • What to Pack in Your ‘Oh, Shit!’ Kit
  • Practical Tips for a Low-Stress Wedding Day
  • Actual Tips for Your Team of Wedding Pros
  • Our Wedding is Over. What Now?

Who is this wedding planner, anyway?

Hi, I’m Cindy – your virtual wedding planner. I’ll be your guide through the Alt+Ctrl+Wed program. I’ve planned hundreds of weddings over more than a decade in twelve different states across all kinds of styles, budgets, and traditions. The overwhelming majority of my clients have been LGBTQ+ folks and people planning non-traditional weddings.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that I’m an expert wedding planner and that, specifically, I’m really damn good at doing it differently. That’s because before I was a wedding planner, I was a theatre stage manager, where I learned how to combine art and logistics to make a beautiful production that runs smoothly for eight shows a week. And, often, how to do it on a non-profit shoestring budget. I’m scrappy and creative and I’m ready to help you get the wedding you want, even if it looks nothing like what you see out there in the glossy magazines. In theare, we don’t say no – we say, “Yes, and?” In other words, if you want it to happen, I will figure out how to do it safely, effectively, and within budget.

I’ve taken everything I know about planning weddings (and it’s a lot – I’ve been planning live events since 1997 and weddings since 2011!) and put it into a neatly organized online portal with worksheets, calculators, checklists, and professional templates for you to work through at whatever pace suits you best.

And while that’s super helpful to wedding planning, it’s not enough – because you’re not planning a cookie cutter day, you’re doing your own thing! Which means you’ll have questions and concerns that aren’t covered in the planning portal and you’ll need a seasoned professional to help you sort that shit out. (Have I mentioned I’ve been doing this for a while?) So you can rest assured that your wedding plans are in good hands with me.

When I’m not planning weddings, I am still probably talking about them! I co-host the Super Gay Wedding podcast along with my friend and rad photographer Amanda Summerlin.

I’m honored to have been featured in some of the coolest wedding publications around, like Offbeat Wed, Catalyst Wedding Co., Brides, and Bridechilla, along with regular news publications like BuzzFeedGoMag, and the New York Times.

It’s me, hi, I’m the planner, it’s me.

Learn more about our sliding scale tiers:

The highest price allows you to help us make Alt+Ctrl+Wed accessible to folks across the spectrum of financial privilege.

This tier may be for you if you are comfortably able to meet your basic needs*, have expendable income** for your wants, and have savings or access to resources should you need them.

You likely hold some or a lot of social privilege, such as being white, straight, cisgender, male, Christian, and/or college-educated.

When it comes to your wedding, your overall budget is at or above the national average, likely $30-40k or more.

Buying at this price might require you to sacrifice or cut back on your wants, but it won’t affect your ability to meet your basic needs.

The middle price represents the true value of Alt+Ctrl+Wed and it’s what we would charge everyone if we didn’t have a sliding scale.

This tier may be for you if you are regularly able to meet your basic needs*, have some expendable income** for wants, and usually have some savings for emergencies.

You probably hold some social privilege, but you may be a member of one or more marginalized groups.

When it comes to your wedding, your overall budget is probably between $15-30k.

Buying at this price will require you to sacrifice or cut back on your wants, but it won’t affect your ability to meet your basic needs.

The lowest price is our acknowledgment that there are some folks for whom Alt+Ctrl+Wed would be completely inaccessible without a deliberate choice to provide access at a price that reflects their financial reality.

If you regularly struggle to meet your basic needs*, do not have expendable income** for wants or savings, and are living paycheck to paycheck, this tier is probably the right choice for you.

And – you deserve the same level of support in celebrating your love as those with greater financial means.

When it comes to your wedding, your overall budget is significantly below the national average, likely under $10k.

Buying at a higher price would mean you cannot meet your basic needs.

*Basic needs are what’s required to keep you alive and functioning: food, shelter, clothing, basic healthcare.
**Expendable income means money that you have available for things beyond your needs, like eating at a restaurant, going to the movies, or buying new clothes.
This framework has been adapted from the original work created by Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

Get the Big-Ass Wedding Planning Checklist!​

So you're not ready to commit. We get it. But how about a little sneak peek at what's inside of Alt+Ctrl+Wed™ that will help you start planning your wedding right now?

The deadlines are automatically calculated.
It's color-coded so you know what's urgent.
It's backed by over a decade of experience.
And it's gender neutral.

It's everything you need to get done and it's just $17.